20180824 JVA ( CENTRALE LILLE 2015 ) Développeur Full-Stack Java, JavaScript, React/Redux

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Since 2017 –Lead Frontend Developer   – CONFIDENTIAL – (RP)

Context :

-Worked as Lead frontend developer consultant

-Involved in new project (marketplace between professionals and consumers)

Stack :

– React/Redux
– React-router v4
– Server-side rendering
– Code-splitting avec webpack
– Styled-components
– Algolia

2015 /2016 – Fullstack Web Developer  – CONFIDENTIAL – (RP)

Context :

-Worked as a Sensio Labs fullstack web developer consultant.

-Involved in a currently confidential project for LVMH consisting of a platform meant to support high traffic, high availability and offer amazing UX (loading time of every page < 250ms).

Backend technology stack:

– Full devops environment – Ansible, vagrant, capistrano
– Cloud-based infrastructure on Amazon Web Services
– Micro-services architecture using Symfony and api-platform
– Messaging engine between services – RabbitMQ
– Continuous integration – TravisCI

Frontend technology stack: 
– Fully designed with React ecosystem
– Setup of cutting-edge development environment (HMR, redux devtools, redux-saga, reselect)
– Integration of Algolia search engine

 2015  – Fullstack Web Developer  – CONFIDENTIAL – (RP)

Context :

-Web application development, using Agile development method SCRUM for development

Missions :
– Development of a survey application in Symfony2 from scratch
– Development of new features on many legacy projects of the firm  currently running in production

– Worked in a strict SCRUM environment including: daily meetings, ceremonies, scrum meetings and continuous update of a board of indicators

– Setup of a full DevOps environment for infrastructure, continuous integration and deployment  infrastructure with Amazon Web Services
– Automated deployments with Capistrano and Shipit.js
– Continuous integration and automated tests with
– Provisioning with Ansible
– Local development on Vagrant

Stack :
– Technologies of those projects : SF2, angular, node (Express)

2014 _ Software Developper – CONFIDENTIAL (Royaume Uni)

 Missions :

– Adding new functionalities to a software managing licenses (JAVA)
– Recoding of a task force managing tool using Spring Framework

2013-2014  – Head Manager of IT   – Junior Entreprise – (Lille)

Missions :

– Dealing with customers
– Management of a team of 10 students
– Responsible of the technical relevance of the IT projects and their budgeting (turnover : 50k€)