20200717 MNO Architect Cloud & Telecom

Paris, France Dossier-de-competence-FINDING-20200717-MNO-V1.docx
Architecte CloudLogicielsréseauxSystèmestelecom

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I love solving problems with technologies. Impact. Innovations.
Especially information and communication technologies because they have a huge social impact. That’s the reason I dug into telecommunications first. Working for telcos makes me proud to help people to communicate, but also create new interaction forms. During the last years, I felt in love with Cloud technologies because it empowered any kind of industries by helping them to focus on new services and innovations. On the next couple of years, 5G will meet Cloud. I’m already excited to hear both words on the same sentence.

Autonomy. Adaptation. Self learning.
As a passionate about technology, I learn by myself in my spare time other domains that weren’t in my scope, like coding in Python and Machine Learning. And also at work when I know it’s necessary. Those skills helped my to conduct projects when organizations change, or on when moving to devops, or even in different type of companies (big, small and at the creation). It’s also the reason my missions covered the whole range of the development lifecycle from Ops (ITSM), to build (acceptance and project management) and design (engineering and consulting at the presales phase).

Collaboration. Difference. Chance.
A true word for me. I strongly believe that working together (whatever parners/customers or co-workers relationships) is much more stronger and efficient than a collection of individual experts. It’s even more truer when mixing people from different backgrounds because it opens minds and perspectives. I thank companies which give them a chance.

Last words about me. As I can’t remain idle, in my free time I’m working on democratizing IT language in order to help recruiters to match better missions and profiles.